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Book study rooms

As a student you can book some studyrooms, max 4 hours per reservation and max 12 hours per week. You can reserv rooms up to two weeks in advance.

Teachers are allowed to access, and if necessarily clear, the room 15 minutes before scheduled education.

NOTE: If you haven't used the room within 15 min, someone else may use the room.
(Applies to student-reservations only)

You can reserv study rooms electronically in these campuses:
  • Blåsenhus

  • Ekonomikum Mon-Thur 08:30-20:00, Fri 08:30-18:00, Sat 10:00-16:00

  • Evolutionsbiologiskt centrum Mon-Fri 08:00-16:30
    NOTE: Studentreservations may in rare cases be canceled in advantage to course-reservations.
    The study rooms at EBC is placed behind labrooms that in some cases are locked during the days, due to thefts.
    We can't guarentee that its possible to unlock them, even if the study room is reserved.

  • Gamla torget ("the Old Square")

  • Geocentrum

  • Gotland

  • Medicinska biblioteket (Medical Library) Mon-thurs 08:15-18:00, fri 08:15-16:00

  • Polacksbacken

Instructions for booking.

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